Programming lessons

First, we are gonna start with HTML

Before we can start please first install one of these programs on your computer, sublime text3, notepad++.

Now that you have installed those programs let us begin with the beginning of HTML, copy this on your laptop after studying it.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>My first html program</title>




<!DOCTYPE html> is starting the html document

<html> is really the one that matters, without it the whole html document can’t work

<title>Makes the page look professional</title> Ends title

Please note that every html document ends with </the name of the start

</head> ends the head

</html>Ends the whole document

Also note that after the end of the html document, no other code goes behind it.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment, and keepup.

Published by Victor Onwe

I am a programmer who is 11 years old

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