Programming lessons day 2

Yesterday we talked about the beginning of html, I assume that you guys copied the codes, that reminds me how to run the codes if you are sublime text right click your mouse and click on open in browser, if you are using notepad++ go to where you saved the file and double click it, please note that the file won’t run unless you name the file to be .html for example Victor Onwe.html

Now for today’s lesson, using <h1>

Begin the document like this



<title>using h1</title>

<h1>Hello world</h1>




As I told you before <html> begins the code

In h1 you can write anything in the middle if you are observant you will find out that you Hello world was written in the middle of <h1> as I told you before </ ends a particular code that you opened like this <h1> What ever you want here</h1>

If you questions feel free to comment, I will answer you, just keepup.

Published by Victor Onwe

I am a programmer who is 11 years old

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